Firebolt™ Plasma transfers plasma energy to the skin tissue under treatment to instantly sublimate parts of its surface. Sublimation is the direct conversion from solid to gas without the intermediate liquid phase, which prevents damage to the surrounding tissue or the skin’s basement membrane. Suitable dimensions, lightness, and performs procedures without side effects are some of features of Firebolt™.


What Is Plasma?

Plasma is the fourth state of matter with unique properties, and can be created by heating gas or applying a strong electromagnetic field. The Firebolt creates an electric arc and produces high-energy atoms and molecules, which can be used in various treatments, including blepharoplasty, acne and freckle removal, and eliminating facial wrinkles. The energy release creates an exothermic reaction in the skin, which removes old and damaged epidermis or dermis cells and paves the way for collagen production.

What Is Plasma?
Solid Liquid Gas

Clinical Features of Firebolt™

  1. High operational speed
  2. Short convalescence period
  3. Requiring few treatment sessions
  4. No side effects
  5. Quickly visible results
  6. No bleeding
  7. Non-intrusive procedure
  8. High safety
  9. Applicable to sensitive body parts
  10. No needle contact with the patient’s skin

Main Applications of Firebolt™

  • With special technology and high frequency, Firebolt™ plasma can create white points.
  • The advantages of white points while using the Firebolt™ Plasma include:
    1. Instant lift
    2. Short convalescence period
    3. Quick effect
Firebolt Applications

Features of Firebolt™

  • High-frequency and no electric shock
  • Overcurrent protection sensor
  • Low-frequency current protection sensor
  • Temperature and voltage sensor and feedback
  • Negligible current flow during direct needle contact with body
  • Lightweight and ergonomic handpiece
  • Fully-digital power control
  • 7-Inch color touch LCD display with stylus
  • Power adjustable from 0 to 100% (with 1% precision)
  • Arc length of 3 mm with arc stability of 1.2 cm
FIREBOLT™ Handpiece

Clinical Data

Before and After using Plasma Firebolt
Before and After using Plasma Firebolt
Before and After using Plasma Firebolt
Before and After using Plasma Firebolt