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The hot plasma device is one of the latest technologies that has been introduced to remove skin lesions such as moles and acne, blepharoblasty, scars and many other cases.

The Plasma Firebolt Plus device manufactured by Mersatab Tajhiz Company is the first all-digital device made in Iran, which is famous among physicians for its unique performance.


Distinctive features of Firebolt Plus

  • Protection sensor against overcurrent
  • Protection sensor against passing low-frequency current
  • Feedback sensors for temperature and voltage
  • Full-digital power control
  • 250KHz Output Frequency
  • 25000 Maximum Pulse/Second Output
  • 18W Maximum Power Output
  • Class II Insulation
  • 4200 VAC ±15% Output Voltage
  • Lightweight and ergonomic handpiece


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