The hot plasma device is one of the latest technologies that has been introduced to remove skin lesions such as moles and acne, blepharoblasty, scars and many other cases. The Plasma Firebolt Plus device manufactured by Mersa Teb Tajhiz Company is the first all-digital device made in Iran, which is famous among physicians for its unique performance.

Carboxytherapy device increases blood circulation in the injected areas by injecting carbon dioxide gas under the skin and causes cell repair. Cellulite treatment, abortion or rapid obesity, acne scars, collagen stimulation and rejuvenation, alopecia, and scarring are some of the applications of this device.



Needle fractional RF device is the latest technology of RF devices that by applying RF energy to the desired depth of skin with the help of a needle, has an excellent performance in rejuvenating and stretching the skin. RF Fractional Nettle produced by Mersateb is one of the most advanced fractional devices in the world and at a very competitive price, it is a professional choice for doctors active in the field of dermatology.

RF Vaginal Madame X using RF technology and centralized electromagnetic waves, by creating a magnetic field and generating heat, leads to the molecular movement of charged particles and by stimulating fibroblasts, leads to the production of new collagen and helps the rejuvenation and relaxation process. It plays an important role in narrowing the vaginal canal, improving elasticity, hydration, relieving stress-induced urinary incontinence, and atrophy.