Vaginal RF + EMS


The Madame X device emits Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) alongside radiofrequency (RF) waves through internal and external handpieces. This technology has significant effects on treating women's pelvic floor disorders and vaginal rejuvenation.

Why choose Madame X?

Ring-shaped electrodes in the internal probe
Ring-shaped electrodes in the internal probe

Providing 360-degree wave emission and all-around heating of mucosal tissue

Temperature measurement sensor in the internal probe
Temperature measurement sensor in the internal probe

Ensuring patient safety by intelligently monitoring each electrode's temperature

Present RF and EMS technologies in the internal probe
Present RF and EMS technologies in the internal probe

Simultaneously use of safe RF & EMS technologies for treatment

Two types of handpieces
Two types of handpieces

Available in multiple treatment modes for the vulvovaginal area

Short recovery period
Short recovery period

Achieving visible results in the shortest possible time with a minimal recovery period

Minimal side effects
Minimal side effects

Comfortable treatment experience by risk-free RF and EMS technology for surrounding tissues

Eliminating the risk of disease transmission
Eliminating the risk of disease transmission

Using patient-specific sterile probes & sterilizable electrodes

Easy to use GUI
Easy to use GUI

Providing selectable treatment modes & adjustable parameters through the touchscreen


Internal Handpiece

The internal handpiece of the Madame X is equipped with an easily detachable probe consisting of four 360-degree electrodes. This probe is able to emit monopolar and multipolar RF waves and electrical pulse. The RF waves can be applied separately or simultaneously with EMS according to the treatment mode. These energies are transmitted to the vaginal canal to treat women's pelvic floor disorders and sexual dysfunction.

External Handpiece

In the external handpiece, four detachable electrodes are embedded in the silicone cover of the handpiece. This handpiece applies the monopolar and multipolar RF waves through direct electrode contact with the external genital tissues. Changing the positive and negative polarity between the electrodes expands the uniform heat to the muscle. Muscle heating enhances the stimulation of collagen and elastin production and rejuvenates the genital area.

RF+EMS Technology

Madame X's internal handpiece is able to apply the EMS as well as RF waves in both monopolar and multipolar modes to the vaginal canal. In the external handpiece, the genital area is treated by using the monopolar and multipolar modes of RF waves.

The emitted RF waves to the tissue caused tissue heating according to the tissue impedance mechanisms. This energy has some treatment effects, such as heating the mucosal layers, pelvic floor muscles, bladder muscles, and the labia minora and majora tissues. Heating in the genital area helps improve bladder prolapse, vaginal canal laxity, treat urinary incontinence and asymmetry of the labia. Additionally, thermolysis reactions lead to increased collagen production and growth factors, contributing to rejuvenation, vaginal tightening, increased moisture, and reduced pain during intercourse.

Electrical muscle stimulation has a specific frequency in each treatment mode. This electrical pulse stimulates muscle contraction and relaxation cycles in the pelvic floor and vaginal area. The treatment effects of this method include strengthening weak muscles, controlling involuntary muscle activities by the patient, and increasing sensitivity during sexual intercourse.

RF + EMS vs. Laser

RF + EMS technology and laser have competitive clinical effectiveness in treating pelvic floor disorders and vulvar rejuvenation. One of the reasons for the popularity of RF + EMS technology over laser is the limited side effects and faster healing process of the treatment area.

  • Clinical efficacy
  • Treatment Method
  • Recovery Period
  • Side effects
  • Pain during treatment
  • Burning risk
  • Similar clinical efficacy to laser
  • Non-ablation
  • Short-term
  • Very limited and short-term
  • Very minimal


Mersateb has designed and developed all its products according to international standards and certifications for customers worldwide.

ISO 9001
ISO 13485

Madame X Advantages

Handpiece Design

Madame X's handpieces are ergonomic and lightweight, making them suitable for prolonged use. The design of the intravaginal probe and external electrodes allows for easy removal and replacement.

Biocompatible Electrodes

The internal and external handpiece electrodes are in direct contact with the mucosal tissues. These electrodes are made of biocompatible 316L stainless steel, which is widely used in medical applications. The electrodes uniformly emit the EMS and RF waves to the vulvovaginal tissue.

User-Friendly Graphical UI

A seven-inch touchscreen display in Madame X provides a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI). The selection of internal or external handpieces and the desired treatment modes are available via the user interface. Furthermore, the technical parameters, such as the intensity of EMS and the power of RF (monopolar or multipolar), are adjustable through the UI.

Intelligent Temperature Measurement System

In the internal handpiece, the temperature of the electrodes is separately monitored by temperature monitoring technology. This system ensures the safety of patient treatment by measuring the vaginal canal temperature.

360-degree Design

The internal probe electrodes of Madame X are designed in a way that there is no need to rotate the handpiece during the treatment. These 360-degree electrodes simultaneously and uniformly target the muscles of the pelvic floor and vagina and repair all the internal tissue equally.


The sterile probe is used specifically for each patient for the intravaginal treatment. The silicone cover and electrodes of the external headpiece can also be sterilized after each treatment.

Treatment Options

Vaginal tightening

labia asymmetry

Vulvar rejuvenation

Stress & urge urinary incontinence

Urinary burning sensation (Dysuria)

Overactive bladder

bladder prolapse


Vaginal laxity

Vaginal dryness

Sexual dysfunction & sensitivity

Vulvar Tightening

Customer Services

Mersa device customers receive comprehensive installation and training services. All Mersa products come with a one-year unconditional warranty and guarantee, as well as a ten-year after-sales service. Mersa's customer services unit is available to provide support and answer any inquiries you may have