HURRICANE™ Carboxytherapy Technology

Carboxytherapy is known as a pioneer treatment method in skin rejuvenation around the world. The treatment method which is clinically safe and non-invasive, is used for skin rejuvenation, repair and regeneration, treatment of loose skin caused by pregnancy or aging, cellulitis, resistant fat and cracked skin.
The device starts a series of interconnected reactions after controlled and continuous injections of CO2 and leads to some changes like vasodilation, increase in blood flow and increase in body temperature. The blood flow increase leads to the oxygenation of the intended area which itself helps to the metabolism increase, tissue rejuvenation and detoxification and it finally causes rejuvenation and cellulitis decrease in the intended tissue.
The device which is named “Hurricane™” provides users with high effectiveness, immunity and accuracy using the technology of controlled injection and high-precision instruments.

How To Do Treatment With HURRICANE™

CO2 has different effects in different skin layers.

1.To reduce and remove cellulitis and topical fat:

This kind of treatment needs deep injection and , according to the picture, the gas injection needle should enter the skin at a 45 degree angle.

2. To regenerate collagen, increase the blood flow temperature and to oxygenate more:

This kind of treatment doesn’t need a deep space for gas injection; it is efficient to enter the needle at a 15 degree angle to the skin. In this kind of injection, the needle enters the dermal area and affects the collagen and ellastin fibers.

PTFE Air Filter Exclusively For HURRICANE™

This air filter which is 0/22 micrometer is able to sterilize the CO2 gas entered the body. The air filter is smaller than the conventional samples, which makes it easier to be used by doctors.
Moreover, these filters have a higher physical resistance to the change in gas pressure and it is not damaged or ruptured in case of repeatedly gas outage.

Technical Features Of HURRICANE™

Main Applications Of HURRICANE™