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Carboxytherapy Hurricane device increases blood circulation and causes cellular repair by injecting carbon dioxide gas under the skin. More oxygen absorption because of high concentration of carbon dioxide is the effective technique of this method.  Some applications of the device are treatment of puffy eyes and dark under-eye circles, cellulite, pregnancy or obesity striae, acne scars, stimulation of collagen and rejuvenation, removal of alopecia and scar and removal of pimples. Hurricane flow control has made it one of the most accurate treatment devices.


Distinctive features of HURRICANE

  • Fully-digital and continuous control of the flow
  • Fully-digital control of the volume
  • Injection accuracy of 0.00001 liter per minute
  • Accurate control of the pressure of the entered gas
  • Using a Teflon air filter of 0.22 micron to sterilize the entered gas
  • No suction at the end of the injection; return of the blood to the tube
  • Different treatment modes for different indications
  • Special modes for the genital area


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