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In RF Fractional technology, high-frequency radio waves are entered into the desired depth of the skin using a number needles to rejuvenate the area. Nettle radiofrequency radiation causes heat in some parts of the skin. The technology , which is famous for its safety and high compatibility with skin cells, has some specialized applications such as treatment of acne and scars, firming of jowls and jaw areas, treatment of excessive secretion of subcutaneous fat, open skin pores, skin cracks and excessive sweating. Nettle is one of the most accurate and powerful treatment devices thanks to its Japanese stepper motor.

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Distinctive features of NETTLE

  • The only RF fractional device which is exported
  • 4 and 8 MHz Frequency for optimum penetration depth
  • The ability to determine the power and pulse time of the RF device fully digitally
  • The ability to determine the needle’s penetration depth between 0 to 4 millimeter
  • No RF application when the needle is entered and removed
  • The ability to determine the RF pulse delay time
  • The ability to auto re-shot
  • The ability to determine the time of re-shot


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