Nettle™ Fractional RF Technology

The fractional RF technology applies high-frequency and  minimally-intrusive radio waves to specific skin layers to produce heat, which stimulates fibroblasts and produces collagen and elastin. Ultimately, this process significantly contributes to skin rejuvenation. Fractional RF applies radio waves to the skin with fractional needles and can produce different effects in the skin’s lower layers without exposing the skin surface to heat; thus, significantly reducing treatment side effects.

Functional Mechanism of Nettle™

The functional mechanism of Nettle™ is fractional or multipolar application to skin layers.

  • In the fractional method, a set of very fine needles are injected to specific depths at different areas of the skin through the RF device’s fully-automated mechanism.
  • A very fine radio wave current with specific intensity and duration flows between the needles. This exchange of waves produces heat and positively affects the skin dermis.
  • In the multipolar approach, the RF current is established between pairs of four electrodes  with anodes and cathodes, and affects a wide and deep area of the skin.
  • In both methods, RF waves produce heat in the skin and stimulate growth factors to  initiate regeneration.
  • The secretion of growth factors activates fibroblasts, and the production of collagen,  elastin, and hyaluronic acid helps improve skin tissue.

Nettle™ Handpieces Design

Nettle™’s unique design includes two light and ergonomic  vibration-free handpieces that provide pleasant use for doctors for a long time.

Fractional Needle Design

Nettle™’s 5×5 and 7×7 needles are designed to produce the best results with the shortest convalescence period.

Multipolar Electrode Design

The multipolar handpiece tip has four electrodes with  anodes and cathodes at specific intervals. The electrodes are  fully bio compatible with the skin and provide a painless and  comfortable treatment for the patient.

Nettle™'s Applications

Nettle™'s Features at a Glance

  • Fractional and multipolar handpieces 
  • Semi-intrusive and non-intrusive modes
  • Achieving the optimum injection depth with 4 and 8 MHz frequencies
  • Fully-digital RF power and pulse time adjustment
  • The option to adjust needle penetration from 0 to 3 mm
  • Specific treatment modes with various applications for face and body
  • No radiofrequency applied during needle injection or removal
  • The ability to set RF pulse delay
  • Automatic re-shot

Technical Specifications of Nettle™

Input Voltage100-240VAC
Dimensions‪45 x 30 x 30
Weight‪5.5 kg
Functional ModesFRACTIONAL

Clinical Data