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In RF Vaginal technology, high-frequency radio waves affect the inner and outer parts of the vagina by the use of safe electrodes and have significant effects in these areas. Some specialized applications of the device are treatment of vaginal laxity, urinary incontinence and recurrence, vaginal dryness, vaginal itching and irritating and recurrent infections of women’s vagina. RF high-power waves with long-lasting impact increase the temperature of bottom layers and muscles without any increase in the temperature of skin surface or mucosal layer.

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Distinctive features of MADAME X

  • Special handpiece for the internal part of the vagina
  • Special handpiece for the vagina lifting
  • Monopolar and multipolar modes
  • Specific mode of effect on vaginal wall muscles
  • Specific mode of effect on pelvic floor muscles
  • 4 specific temperature sensor
  • Disposable and traceable probe

Function Mechanism of


  1. By placing the sterile handpiece in the treatment area, controlled RF waves begin to radiate.
  2. Regarding the selected multipolar or monopolar mode by the physician, these waves will have different effects.
  3. The effect of these waves is to create heat in the underlying skin layers such as the dermis, pelvic floor muscles, vagina wall muscles, bladder muscles, labia minora, and labia majora tissue.
  4. This heat primarily causes muscle contraction and improves diseases related to muscle weakness such as pelvic and bladder weakness, urinary incontinence, vaginal wall weakness, and labia asymmetry.
  5. On the next stage, by inducing thermolysis reactions and inducing the body to produce more collagen and growth factors, it leads to vaginal rejuvenation.
  6. This rejuvenation can lead to further vaginal tightening, increased moisture in these areas, and reduced pain during sexual intercourse.

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