Madame X™ Vaginal RF Technology

The vaginal RF  technology exposes the inner and outer parts of vagina to high frequency radio waves emitted from safe electrodes with remarkable results.
High-energy and long-lasting RF waves is an effective treatment without any complication that can heat lower layers and muscles with monopolar and multipolar functions without heating the skin or the mucous membrane. For added safety, probe temperature is monitored and intelligently controlled with 4 special sensors.

Operational Mechanism of Madame X™

This device has two separate internal and external handpieces with monopolar and multipolar operational modes.

  1. The sterile handpiece applies controlled RF waves to the treatment area.
  2. These waves produce different effects depending on the monopolar or multipolar mode selected by the doctor.
  3. RF waves generate heat in the lower layers of the skin, including dermis, pelvic floor muscles, vaginal wall muscles, the detrusor muscle, the labia minora tissue, and the labia majora tissue.
  4. Firstly, the heat contracts muscles and treats diseases linked to lax muscles, including pelvic prolapse and cystocele, urinary incontinence, vaginal laxity, and labial asymmetry.
  5. Then, women’s private parts is rejuvenated by thermolysis reactions and the stimulation of the body to produce more collagen and growth factors.
  6. The rejuvenation can tighten the vaginal wall, increase moisture, and reduce pain during sexual encounters.

The RF radiation heat can proliferate and adjust the function lactobacillus in the genitals, and ultimately prevent
infection and adjust vaginal pH.

Protective Sensors of Madame X™

Madame X™ probe is specially-designed to separately measure and control the temperature of the four handpiece electrodes with a temperature sensor. This precise tracking prevents any errors and guarantees patient safety.
Moreover, the presence of sensors reassures the doctor of correct and precise treatment with Madame X™, allowing the doctor to observe the vaginal canal temperature at any point.

360-Degree Design of Madame X™

Madame X™’s internal probe electrodes are designed to not require handpiece movements in different directions during treatment. These 360-degree electrodes simultaneously target the entire surrounding area uniformly to regenerate all of the internal tissue equally.

Advantages of Madame X™

Applications of Madame X™

  1. Treatment of urinary incontinence
  2. Resolving vaginal laxity and prolapse
  3. Treatment of pelvic and bladder prolapse
  4. Moisture adjustment and addressing vaginal dryness
  5. Improved G-spot stimulation
  6. Treating vaginal laxity
  7. Reducing vaginal atrophy
  8. Tightening the vaginal canal and vestibule

Features of Madame X™

  1. Proprietary vagina-internal handpiece
  2. Proprietary vagina-external lift handpiece
  3. Monopolar and multipolar operational modes
  4. A special mode for modifying vaginal wall muscles
  5. A special mode for modifying pelvic muscles
  6. Four special temperature sensors
  7. Disposable probe with tracking feature